Jun 14 2016

District level vulture awareness and three districts (Dhankuta, Morang and Udaypur) of eastern Nepal has been declared vet diclofenac free zones on 6th June 2016 (Headquarter, Dhankuta), 8th June 2016 (Morang, Biratnagar) and 10th June 2016 (Udayapur, Ghaighat). The programs were jointly organized by district livestock service office of Dhankuta, Morang, Udayapur and Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) with support from Royal society for the protection of bird (RSPB) under the vulture conservation project. The main purpose of the program was to declare vet diclofenac free zones/districts, discourage illegal use of of human diclofenac on livestock treatment and raise the existing knowledge of key stakeholders on vulture conservation.

Dhankuta  district : The program  was  successfully completed in the presence of  acting Chief District Officer (ACDO/DAO) – Som Prasad Bhattrai, Local Development Officer (LDO/DDC) – Ganesh Prasad Dhahal, Acting District Forest Officer (ADFO/DFO) - Mod Narayan Jha, Senior Agriculture Development Officer (SADO/DADO)- Laxmi Prasad Kharel, Chief of District Livestock Service Office ( DLSO) - Dr. Jeevan kumar Singh, Head of District Police Office ( SP/DPO) - Bibhuti Raj Pandey, Head of Army Force  (Captain/Gulm) – Arun Giri,  President from FECOFUN – Rajendra Khadka, District Education Office (DEO) - Nagendra Mani Shrestha, District Public Health Office (DPHO) – Jamuna Dhahal, Nepal Para Veterinary and Livestock Association (NEVLA)- Hari Rai, Chambers of Commerce – Deepak Paudel,  DLSO staffs, Veterinary technicians/practitioners, Agro vet shop’s proprietor,  Journalists and other CBOs/GOs /NGOs representatives (45 people) actively participated in the program. The program 's Chief Guest and acting Chief District Officer (ACDO) - Som Prasad Bhattrai formally declared the district as DFZ. All participants signed the DFZ declaration petition. This covers the area of 891 Sq. km area of Nepal for diclofenac free zone/vulture safe zone.   

Morang district:  The program was successfully organized in the presence of regional veterinary livestock directory (RVLD) – Dr. Subash Dhakal,  District development committee (DDC) – Mahendra Khadka, District livestock service office ( DLSO) – Dr. Shusil Kumar Adhikari,  District forest office (DFO) – Ram Narayan Yadav,  District agriculture development office (DADO)- Satya Dev Mandal, District education office  (DEO) – Rajendra Budhathoki, Women and child development office ( WCDO) – Parsu Ram Dhahal, Nepal para veterinary and livestock association (NELVA), Nepal Para veterinary and technician association ( NELTA),  Dlso staffs, Veterinary practitioners, Agro vet shop’s proprietor,  Media persons ( FM/Radio/News) and other CBOS and GOs  representatives ( 30 people) were actively participated in the program. The program chief guest and planning officer from district development committee (DDC)- Mahendra Khadka formally declared the district as DFZ. All participants signed in DFZ declaration banner.  It has covered 1855 Sq. km area of Nepal for diclofenac free zone/vulture safe zone.   

Udayapur district: The program also was accomplished in the presence of chief district officer (CDO) – Krishna Chandra Ghimire, Dictrict development committee (DDC) - Bhimkant Paudel (Planning officer), District forest office (DFO) –Raj Kumar Thakur ( Acting district forest officer), District agriculture development office ( DADO) – Pawan Giri (Head of office), District soil conservation office ( DSCO) – Indra Prasad Adhikari ( Head of office), District education office (DEO)- Rameshwor  Kunwar ( Acting district education officer), District livestock service office (DLSO) – Dr. Md. Mustafa ( office chief), District police office (DPO)- Nar Bahadur K.C. ( Head of office), Nava Prabhat Nepal – Karna Sonam ( General secretary ), Nepal para veterinary and livestock association (NELVA),  Dlso staffs, Veterinary technician and practitioners, Agro vet shop’s proprietor,  Media persons ( FM/Radio/News) and other CBOs/GOs / NGOs representatives ( 40 people) were actively participated in the program. The program chief guest and chief district officer (CDO)-  Krishna Chandra Grimier  formally declared the district as DFZ. All participants signed in DFZ declaration banner.  It has covered 2063 Sq. km area of Nepal for diclofenac free zone / vulture safe zone.   

Bird Conservation Nepal’s field officer Mr. Bhupal Nepali presented on brief history of vulture conservation dealings in South Asia, Vulture and Its ecological importance, current status and their decline causes, need of vulture safe zones and Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN) initiation works for vulture conservation in Nepal. 

Dr. Jhabindra Marasini, district livestock service office Dhankuta, Dr. Shusil Kumar Adhikari, DLSO Morang and Dr. Md. Mustafa, DLSO Udayapur were stated the report of districts diclofenac situation and it’s monitoring, diclofenac and its harmful effect to vultures and main base for Vet diclofenac free to districts. A short documentary film of SAVE was also shown in the program.


  • Dhankuta, Morang and Udayapur districts has been declared as vet Diclofenac Free Zones (DFZ).
  • District level Government of Nepal key authority’s bodies and other relevant stakeholders appreciated the program. They knew about diclofenac free zone concept, vulture decline causes and vulture conservation efforts in Nepal.    
  • BCN has built up good relationship among the district level key stakeholders and other concern line agencies.        

Feedbacks /recommendation from participants.

  • Regular NSAIDs monitoring in whole district. 
  • Increase awareness program to farmers, students and grassroots level’s stakeholders.
  • Protected area allocate for species conservation.
  • District level integrated plan need for biodiversity conservation.

List Of Donors

  • Vimal Thapa, - Rs. 1000
  • Rajendra Gurung, - Rs. 1000
  • BCN Pokhara Branch, - Rs. 632
  • Bhuwan Mani Sharma, - Rs. 100
  • Keshav Ghimire, - Rs. 100
  • World Migratory Bird Day 2013, - Rs. 3300
  • Rainer Stoll, - Rs. 25323
  • Sonam Tashi Lama, - Rs. 100
  • Abinash Nepali, - Rs. 1500
  • Carolline Forell, - Rs. 150
  • Charles Patton and Leslie Harris, - Rs. 150
  • Toby Wheeler, - Rs. 330
  • Rajendra Gurung (Patron, BCN), - Rs. 2500
  • Reliance Public School(Student from grade 3 to 5), - Rs. 365
  • Samir Maharjan, - Rs. 500
  • International Vulture Awareness Day 2011, - Rs. 2300
  • Deepak Adhikari, - Rs. 500
  • Anand Chaudhary, - Rs. 1275
  • Dr. Hum Bahadur Gurung , - Rs. 250
  • Butch Lama, - Rs. 700
  • Sarah Piper, - Rs. 2000
  • Charles W. Norris Brown, - Rs. 300
  • Puja Gurung, - Rs. 466
  • Surya Prakash Tiwari, - Rs. 200
  • Ramesh K Pariyar, - Rs. 500
  • Shree Namuna Mahendra Sec. School, - Rs. 902
  • Bright Star Worker's Higher Secondary School, - Rs. 510
  • Shree Bolambu Secondary School, - Rs. 1055
  • Apollo Int'l School, - Rs. 500
  • Shree Chandi Bhairav Secondary School, - Rs. 843
  • Amar Jyoti Sec. School, - Rs. 730
  • Shree Chandrika Devi Secondary School, - Rs. 501
  • David Fiddell, - Rs. 500
  • Local people from Sikles Village, - Rs. 4223
  • PABSON Programme, - Rs. 3000
  • Children's Paradise Boarding School, - Rs. 2000
  • Leknath Festival, - Rs. 2500
  • Amar Singh High School, - Rs. 1660
  • United Academy, - Rs. 1035
  • Suryodaya Boarding School, - Rs. 1000
  • Narayanjan Secondary School, - Rs. 891
  • Shree Baghbhairav Secondary School, - Rs. 1035
  • Green Village Education Foundation, - Rs. 500
  • Program at Dhanding, - Rs. 1500
  • Evergreen Higher Secondary School, - Rs. 1500
  • Shree Bajrayogini Secondary School, - Rs. 2800
  • Serene Hill Secondary English School, - Rs. 953
  • Nuwakot Festival, - Rs. 2000
  • BCN Day Celebration, - Rs. 645
  • Exhibition (Climate Change) at Basantapur, - Rs. 547
  • Fanny Lal, Singapore - Rs. 54963
  • Sarita Jnawali, Nepal - Rs. 850
  • Baishnavi, Nepal - Rs. 4000
  • Alliance Francaise, - Rs. 2800
  • Bird Watching Pokhara, - Rs. 1110
  • Parwat Raj Thani, Nepal - Rs. 800
  • Yangki Sherpa, - Rs. 5000
  • Tek Bdr Rai, - Rs. 100
  • Inst for village (WWU), - Rs. 1000
  • Jennifer & Wicky , - Rs. 21000
  • Yubraj Basnet, - Rs. 600