Sep 07 2019

Eleventh International Vulture Awareness Day celebrated all over the country

The eleventh International Vulture Awareness Day (IVAD) celebrated by organizing a week long various awareness/advocacy program in the first week of September 2019. The first Saturday in September each year is International Vulture Awareness Day and this year it was on 7th September.

Bird Conservation Nepal partnered with different local collaborative organizations to organize these awareness raising programs such as Vulture Festival in Vulture Safe Feeding Sites, Local cultural song and dance performance regarding vulture conservation, stake holder interaction, trans boundary dialogue, community awareness, school awareness, poem and drawing competitions, mass rally, photo exhibition, vulture watching and identification in the vulture range districts of Nepal. In the occasion of 11th IVAD, this year we have been counted vultures in their potential nesting, roosting and feeding sites of about 62 places of 36 districts in Nepal.  This vulture count event is really fruitful on aware, advocacy and mobilization community as well stakeholders with the basic idea about the numbers of resident vulture species in Nepal said Krishna Prasad Bhusal, Vulture Conservation Program Officer. People's active participation has led to the success of the event which is amply illustrated by wider media coverage. Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur.

The detail of IVAD celebration events is below: -

The detail of IVAD celebration events is below: -



IVAD Activities

Collaborative Partner


Sauraha, Chitwan and Gadhi Siraichuli IBA

Bird watching, stakeholder Interaction and school students awareness

Bird Education Society (BES), Chitwan


Madhyabindu, Nawalparasi

Students drawing competition on Vulture and Nature

Kumarwarti Secondary School/ Tours Foundation


Pithauli, Nawalparasi

Nature Guide and Stakeholder exposure visit to Vulture Safe Feeding Site and Release Site in Pithauli

Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee, Pithauli


Dumkibans, Nawalparasi

Vulture Count and Community Awareness

Vulture Conservation Movement Network


Lumbini, Rupandehi

Mass rally, Bird Watching in wetland area and Interaction with stakeholders

Green Youth of Lumbini, Nepal


Gaidatal, Rupandehi

Interaction with stakeholders, communities and school students

Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee, Gaidatal


Rajapani, Kapilvastu

Vulture Count and Interaction with stakeholders and community

Rajapani Community Forest Kapilvastu


Lalmatiya, Dang

Mass rally, Interaction with stakeholders

Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee, Lalamatiya


Rampur, Dang

Interaction with stakeholders and nesting site community awareness

Environmental Sustainable Development and Research Center(ESDRC), Dang


Banke National Park, Banke

Stakeholder Interactions

Environmental and Rural Development Center (ENRUDEC), Banke


Thakurdwara and Khairapur Bardiya

Interaction with stakeholder and school/community awareness with vulture count

Bardiya Nature Conservation Club (BNCC)


Khutiya, Kailali

Interaction with stakeholders and Vulture Count

Samaji Community Forest, Khutiya, Kailali


Shuklaphanta National Park, Kanchanpur

Stakeholder interactions and community awareness

Nature Guide Association Shuklaphanta (NGAS), Kanchanpur


Argha, Arghakhanchi

school and community awareness

Garta Khahare, Khahare Khola Community Forest, and Garlam Government Forest,  Argha


Tamghas, Gulmi

Interaction with stakeholders, Community awareness, School Awareness

Nawa Jana Bikash Yuva Pariwar


Madane, Gulmi

Students essay competition and community awareness

Madane Protected Forest committee


Madanpokhara, Palpa

Community awareness, Interaction with stakeholder and essay  competition among students

Adheri Chharchhare Community Forest, Madanpokhara, Palpa


Pokhara, Kaski

Vulture Photo Exhibition, school awareness and vulture count in six different locations

Pokhara Bird Society (PBS) and BCN Pokhara branch


Ghachok, Kaski

Community awareness, school awareness and stakeholders interaction

Jatayu Restaurant Management Committee, Ghachok, Kaski


Damauli, Tanahu

Community interaction and vulture count

Pokhara Bird Society (PBS) and BCN Pokhara branch


Bhimdhunga, Kathmandu

Bird watching and awareness

Bird Conservation Nepal


Central Zoo, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur

Vulture Information Display in vulture aviary and interaction with visitors

Bird Conservation Nepal and NTNC Central Zoo


Reliance Public School, Budhanilakantha, Kathmandu

Student awareness program and vulture documentary show

Bird Conservation Nepal


Gyandeep secondary boarding school Sanepa, Lalitpur


Student awareness program and vulture documentary show

Bird Conservation Nepal


Malekhu Dhading

Interaction with journalist with presentation on Wildlife News Reporting: Gaps and way forward

Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality, Journalist forum for environment, tourism and energy and Bird Conservation Nepal


Kiranchok, Gajuri, Dhading

School and community awareness with field visit to Asian Woolly neck nesting site

Gajuri Rural Municipality, Journalist forum for environment, tourism and energy and Bird Conservation Nepal


AFU Hetauda, Makawanpur

Talk program on vulture conservation in Nepal and students awareness

AFU and BCN members group


Jaljala, Parbat

Community awareness and vulture watch

Natural Resource Conservation Organization, Parbat


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Stakeholder/community awareness and vulture count

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Koshi Tappu Birdwatching Camp


List Of Donors

  • Vimal Thapa, - Rs. 1000
  • Rajendra Gurung, - Rs. 1000
  • BCN Pokhara Branch, - Rs. 632
  • Bhuwan Mani Sharma, - Rs. 100
  • Keshav Ghimire, - Rs. 100
  • World Migratory Bird Day 2013, - Rs. 3300
  • Rainer Stoll, - Rs. 25323
  • Sonam Tashi Lama, - Rs. 100
  • Abinash Nepali, - Rs. 1500
  • Carolline Forell, - Rs. 150
  • Charles Patton and Leslie Harris, - Rs. 150
  • Toby Wheeler, - Rs. 330
  • Rajendra Gurung (Patron, BCN), - Rs. 2500
  • Reliance Public School(Student from grade 3 to 5), - Rs. 365
  • Samir Maharjan, - Rs. 500
  • International Vulture Awareness Day 2011, - Rs. 2300
  • Deepak Adhikari, - Rs. 500
  • Anand Chaudhary, - Rs. 1275
  • Dr. Hum Bahadur Gurung , - Rs. 250
  • Butch Lama, - Rs. 700
  • Sarah Piper, - Rs. 2000
  • Charles W. Norris Brown, - Rs. 300
  • Puja Gurung, - Rs. 466
  • Surya Prakash Tiwari, - Rs. 200
  • Ramesh K Pariyar, - Rs. 500
  • Shree Namuna Mahendra Sec. School, - Rs. 902
  • Bright Star Worker's Higher Secondary School, - Rs. 510
  • Shree Bolambu Secondary School, - Rs. 1055
  • Apollo Int'l School, - Rs. 500
  • Shree Chandi Bhairav Secondary School, - Rs. 843
  • Amar Jyoti Sec. School, - Rs. 730
  • Shree Chandrika Devi Secondary School, - Rs. 501
  • David Fiddell, - Rs. 500
  • Local people from Sikles Village, - Rs. 4223
  • PABSON Programme, - Rs. 3000
  • Children's Paradise Boarding School, - Rs. 2000
  • Leknath Festival, - Rs. 2500
  • Amar Singh High School, - Rs. 1660
  • United Academy, - Rs. 1035
  • Suryodaya Boarding School, - Rs. 1000
  • Narayanjan Secondary School, - Rs. 891
  • Shree Baghbhairav Secondary School, - Rs. 1035
  • Green Village Education Foundation, - Rs. 500
  • Program at Dhanding, - Rs. 1500
  • Evergreen Higher Secondary School, - Rs. 1500
  • Shree Bajrayogini Secondary School, - Rs. 2800
  • Serene Hill Secondary English School, - Rs. 953
  • Nuwakot Festival, - Rs. 2000
  • BCN Day Celebration, - Rs. 645
  • Exhibition (Climate Change) at Basantapur, - Rs. 547
  • Fanny Lal, Singapore - Rs. 54963
  • Sarita Jnawali, Nepal - Rs. 850
  • Baishnavi, Nepal - Rs. 4000
  • Alliance Francaise, - Rs. 2800
  • Bird Watching Pokhara, - Rs. 1110
  • Parwat Raj Thani, Nepal - Rs. 800
  • Yangki Sherpa, - Rs. 5000
  • Tek Bdr Rai, - Rs. 100
  • Inst for village (WWU), - Rs. 1000
  • Jennifer & Wicky , - Rs. 21000
  • Yubraj Basnet, - Rs. 600