Bird Conservation Nepal jointly organized Stakeholders’ coordination & Sharing meeting in Sukhad near the GHodaghodi Lake on 22 Nov  2016  with BCN’s Local partner Bird conservation Netwok Sukhad kailali . 

District  forest officer  Mr Ramesh Chanda Thakuri was chief guest of the program. It started with welcome speech by Dilli Sawad and opened banner by Chief guest. Mr Hirulal Dangaura from BCN presented Norad/NOF project done activities and overview of program. Mr DR chuadhry presented his organization done activities. Basanta Protection forest conservation program, senior forest officer Mr Shambhu Singh, Mr Puskal Bam ( Basanta protected forest council), Mr Hem Bam ( Ghodaghodi Forum),Mr Bijayraj Shreshtha ( CFCC President) and Ghodghodi municipality and Ms Maina Dhakal ( Fecofun Members kailali)   gave speech about importance of Ghodaghodi lake and  an its urge to conserve Ghpdaghodi Lake for the future betterment.

The event was facilitated by Bird Conservation Network under the Bird Conservation Nepal. The participants were representing from government and non-government organizations including CFUG, women groups, cooperatives, representing 22 community people.