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calendar-icon 14 May 2022

The Himalaya, the tallest mountain range in the world, has fascinated millions by its sheer might and beauty. The snow-capped mountains, the cold deserts, the lush green forests and grasslands, and the white waters of the rivers are home to several unique birds. This year, the birders in the countries and states of the Himalayan region have joined hands to celebrate a day out by watching birds in the Himalaya. Bird Count India, Bird Conservation Nepal, and the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, Bhutan are working together to bring the Himalayan birding fraternity together for a common good. Much of the Himalaya is impacted by global climate change and the monitoring data we generate would be a baseline to compare year after year.

How to Participate in the Himalayan Bird Count

  • Watch and count birds from anywhere in the listed Himalayan region on 14th May 2022 and upload your lists to eBird. (Note, this is the same date as Global Big Day 2022..
  • Upload at least one list a day to ebird.org.
  • Each list should be of at least 15 minutes or more
  • All lists should be complete lists with counts of all birds that you could identify by sight and/ or sound to the best of your ability.
  • It would be particularly enriching if you can take groups of people out for birding and show them the wonders of nature.
  • Himalayan Bird Count runs from midnight to midnight, so you can make multiple checklists during the day and a few lists at dawn, dusk, and night!

Please upload all your lists by 25 May 2022