Chhimeki Chara, The Neighborhood Bird Count, Nepal
location-icon Nationwide
calendar-icon 19 Feb 2022

During the weekend of 19 February all people from across Nepal are invited to watch and count birds for half an hour at home or in their neighbourhood, using the Chhimeki Chara app. The resulting lists and maps will be shared with the public on BCN’s website. The main objective of this first Neighbourhood Bird Count and future ones, is to increase the number of people with knowledge and awareness about birds, and bird - and nature conservation, ultimately providing many people an enjoyable pastime and increasing the support basis for nature conservation and the participating partners among the public. Follow up activities can be advice on how to protect and attract birds in the human environment, linkage of the public to local and national bird watching and conservation organisations, and bird studies using apps and national networks of bird enthusiasts.   

 We Believe:

1. More birders and more bird counts are good for people, for science and for conservation, 

2. The best place for beginners to start watching of and learning about birds is in their own neighborhood, and

3. The half-hour events simultaneously conducted across the country make the counts feasible and exciting for more people. 

Download the app to count and learn more about our neighborhood birds